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Switzerland is the spiritual home of luxury watchmaking. A country synonymous with quality and precision, all Winton watches are hand assembled near the town of Bern by our specialist atelier.

All of our watches are made according to the official 'Swiss Made' regulations, which uphold the unrivalled reputation of Swiss watches, and ensure customers always get a high quality watch, yet at an attractive price.

Precise work done by hand is the core  skill our of our atelier, and comes as a result of extensive training for the watchmakers - all of whom are experts in their field. Every Winton watch is assembled, controlled and packaged by hand, which is how we ensure the quality of our watches. We are proud and delighted to say every Winton Watch is part of Swiss watchmaking tradition - yet also part of the British watch industry.

Handmade is not just a saying, it applies to every area of the Winton Watch Company manufacturing process, ranging from the initial selection of components through to assembly, engraving and quality inspection.


We firmly believe that the high standards set for our watches can only be achieved by working with the traditional manual skills of the watchmaking trade, combined with specialised, modern equipment which supports our watchmakers in their quest for the highest precision. Each step is still subject to quality control and every Winton watch is subject to an intensive visual check and test of functionality and water resistance. 

This all helps to guarantee Winton watches qualify as Swiss Made and comply with the official regulations set by the Swiss Federal Council. To ensure the quality and accuracy of our watches, we only high quality movements assembled by the Swiss manufacturers ETA, Ronda and Sellita.

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