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Retired Models

We are continually innovating and updating our range so from time to time, we retire watch models. Despite not being available to buy new, we continue to support customers with these watches, including repairs and servicing. You'll find our more about our retired models on these pages.



The Swan’s classic design is for those people who want more of a traditional dress watch, but one that can withstand the rigours of adventure, when needed.


Hand assembled in Switzerland and water resistant to 100m, with sapphire glass, it will take pretty much anything you care to throw at it, yet be smart and discrete enough to wear at a black-tie dinner.


Silver hour markers and ‘arrow’ points contrast with the white ‘semi pie pan’ dial to offer an understated look, yet make it easy to tell the time at a glance.


The Swan is a modern, yet classic watch, that celebrates the pioneering work of Joseph Swan.

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