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The world has changed, and people no longer want to follow the crowd – they want to stand out from it!


In the past, a mark of success was a Swiss watch that everyone would recognise. Five of the best-known brands now sell more than 6.5 million watches a year* between them, which takes away some of exclusivity!


People now show their success more discretely, which is why we founded Winton Watches – to give people watches that defy convention and stand out from the crowd.


We are an English watch company whose range of watches is built by hand in Switzerland in small volumes. A focus on defying convention is core to the company, its name and the names we choose for our models, which are all influenced by individuals who chose to stand apart from the norm and made their mark (but who aren’t generally well known).


By purchasing a Winton Watch you are joining a select group who don’t follow the crowd and like to wear something different on their wrists, but still have all the benefits of a classic Swiss-made automatic watch.


Our production numbers are always going to be small compared to many other brands, which offers exclusivity without the price premium.  


All Winton watches are priced very competitively and designed to be worn and used – not locked away as an investment, although we hope they’ll be treasured!


 Every Winton watch is:

  • Hand-assembled in Switzerland

  • Fitted with an automatic Swiss movement

  • Water resistant to a minimum of 100m

  • Fitted with sapphire glass crystal on front (and rear, depending on model)



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